unplanned flight to germany

I am back in Germany. A very unplanned and rather unfortunate ending, or interruption, of my travels. I had pitched my tent behind a rest station in Tagawa, Japan on the 1st of March. I fell into a gutter while walking from the tent to the toilets in the darkness. I hit head, knee and … Continue reading unplanned flight to germany


next year: vietnam, china and japan

Thought it might be more interesting to read about what's to come instead of stories from the past. For this reason, I'm skipping a cycling in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan post to outline the plan for early next year. I escaped the onset of winter in Central Asia by taking a flight from Almaty, Kazakhstan to … Continue reading next year: vietnam, china and japan

tajikistan: dushanbe to khorugh on the south route

To cycle from Dushanbe to Khorugh there are two main routes: North and South. Many touring cyclists headed East in Tajikistan take the North route on the M41 for its scenery and its pass over 3000 meters. However, the North route almost exclusively consists of gravel road and supplies are scarce. While longer, my choice … Continue reading tajikistan: dushanbe to khorugh on the south route